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TRANSLATED TV SHOWS: Part Two (Previously: Part one)

Whoever is in charge of TV show names in Hungary is doing a hell of a job.

P.S. This book is real good 

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Let us be friends, through the mazes of this dreary existence.

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Puerto Rican Spanish Saying: O te peinas, o te haces rolos | Meaning: Just make a decision, one way or the other. #SpanishSayings #PuertoRico
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Puerto Rican Spanish Saying: O te peinas, o te haces rolos | Meaning: Just make a decision, one way or the other. #SpanishSayings #PuertoRico

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Language learners:

Sometimes meeting up in real time to practice conversation in a foreign language is difficult. That’s why online language partners exist! Yes, it’s possible to chat with strangers online without signing up for questionable dating services or World of Warcraft.

There are a plethora of online communities where you can find people who you can connect with and talk to in different languages. All of these allow you to filter for people who speak certain languages that you would like to learn and who would like to learn the languages that you speak. Also, most allow you to sort through the list of people with additional preferences such as age, gender, and location (time zone). This way, there is an equal exchange.

Without further ado, here are some of the various sites we have gathered that allow you to do that:

My Language Exchange


Language Kompis

Shared Talk by Rosetta Stone

Buena suerte/bonne chance/boa sorte/good luck!


Faithful MHC LRC tumblr followers, fall break is upon us.

However, that doesn’t mean that we should forget about how grool the LRC is.

Here are some of the grool events coming up this month:

October 18 - Open House: Stop in between 1-4pm in the lounge to get a tour of our cozy pad, learn about our resources, and chat with some of the language clubs.

October 19 - Sushi night: That’s right, sushi. Come by the lounge at 12pm for a how-to demonstration and then make your own. Yum yum.

October 24 - French movie screening: We will be watching “Qu’est-ce qu’on fait au Bon Dieu?”  (What did we do to God?) in the lounge at 7pm. There may be some delicious French goodies as well.

Happy language learning!


My favorite thing about Spanish grammar is that the ¿ and the upside down exclamation point don’t just occur at the beginning of a sentence.

They can also show up in the middle of the sentence, to mark what part of it is the question/exclamation.

Because they let you know what words require an inquisitive or exclamatory change in your voice.

So reading aloud in Spanish is WAY easier than English.

Entonces me dije, ¡AY caramba español es lo mejor!

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Come back next week for part two!

P.S. My book is for sale! 

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